The Light Washed Path

How To Use This Site

The Light-Washed Path is a series of daily spiritual devotionals in a blog-style site.  The devotionals (referred to as posts) are added every Monday through Friday and listed in descending-date chronological order, as well as being grouped within 6 different categories.

In Home Mode The devotionals appear with the most recent at the top and the rest descend in chronological order.  Each article is shown with its title and first line or two, followed by the date and categories listed underneath.  From any page on the site, you only have to click the HOME button (on the left end of the upper menu bar) in order to return to the front page and see the latest devotional installment.  The date of the devotional is only shown under its title as it appears on the HOME page.

Using the Devotional By Date calendar – By clicking on any date on the calendar, you will go automatically to the devotional associated with that date.

Using the Archived LWP Devotionals link – Hundreds of LWP devotionals are archived on our old site as active links in chronological order, dating between 2004 – 2008.

Using the Categories section – All the devotionals are listed on the HOME page in descending chronological order and under the category entitled, A list of devotionals by chronological order.  All devotionals are also listed under 1 or more of the other 6 categories.  They are:

  • Portraits Of Jesus – The messages in this category focus on the life and ministry of Jesus Christ. Most are inspiring portrayals directly from the Gospels.
  • Faith & God’s Promises – The messages in this category focus on inspiring and developing the faith of the reader, by revealing the awesome promises of God’s Word.
  • Praise, Prayer & Devotion – These messages are among some of the best and richest resources you will find, to help and encourage you in building a powerful life of fellowship with the Lord.
  • Our Identification In Christ – There is no subject more essential to your walk than this one. Your ability to walk victoriously in faith depends upon having a solid and accurate grasp on your oneness with Christ.
  • Challenge, Conviction & Encouragement – Missing from many of today’s modern churches is the essential ministry of challenging and convicting God’s people. When we encourage people without challenging them to overcome we simply lead them on to empty results. But true change requires encouragement plus challenge and conviction.
  • Outreach & Evangelism – The messages in this category are both encouraging appeals to the unsaved, to come to Christ, and insights to help believers reach those who are lost. 


Viewing Individual Devotionals – By clicking on the title of any devotional it will quickly open in its own window with a section below the article where the reader may leave a comment.  When you receive the LWP daily devotionals in your email they will appear for you in this form.  You may then go to the HOME page simply by clicking HOME in the green menu bar.

Viewing Comments – The most recent comments to posts/devotionals are listed in the column to the right.  You may view and respond to these comments.  You may also keep track of comments by subscribing to the Comments RSS Feed, under Meta, at the bottom of the right column.  We encourage you to make use of the Comments option at the end of each post/devotional.

Receiving the LWP devotionals daily in your email – To subscribe to the LWP email service, simply click on the Subscribe to The LWP Email Service link in the menu bar or under the Welcome… sign, and follow the instructions.

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